The wolf and the stork | Illustration by Jean Effel

A long, long time ago, the wolf and the stork were friends. One day, the wolf asked the stork to come to his house to eat. When the stork arrived at the wolf’s house, the wolf put two bowls of soup on the table. The wolf ate his bowl of soup so quickly. When he finished, he asked the stork, “Did you like my soup?”
But, the stork was angry because he couldn’t eat the soup. His beak was too long. When the stork went home, he was still hungry. The wolf laughed and laughed. Then, the stork had an idea. He asked the wolf to come to dinner. He filled two tall pitches with good soup. They began to eat. When the stork finished eating, he asked the wolf if he wanted more to eat.
But, the wolf was angry. His mouth was so big that he couldn’t get it into the pitcher. The wolf went home hungry, and the stork laughed and laughed. The wolf and stork have never been friends ever since.